Smart Shape Body(non-registered)
As a result of safer medical treatment and reduced costs, individuals travel to Smart Shape Body for their aesthetic needs. There is a common misconception that medical tourism requires patients to travel abroad.
People are increasingly yearning for the seclusion and secrecy of a resort environment that will allow them to return home looking and feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. To be able to tell your pals that you've had a great vacation without having to reveal your surgical secrets makes patients feel more secure in the decisions they've made. We not only listen to your needs and budgetary concerns; also match you with the ideal tools and processes available.
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Chris Obi(non-registered)
Internationally recognized film and TV actor.
Christopher Obi Ogugua (born September 24, 1970) is an English actor and filmmaker who studied at the Drama Centre London and graduated in 2001. Breakfast with Mugabe, a four-hander directed by Sir Antony Sher, was part of a season at the Royal Shakespeare Company, as did a 2007 season at the Globe Theatre.
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Armando Dawdy(non-registered)
Wine Director at Brenner’s on the Bayou
Armando Dawdy was born in Houston, Texas, on November 16, 1962. Francesca Avondale Dawdy has been Armando's wife since June 6, 2002. Liam and Connor, their two boys, were born to them. In 1986, Armando graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. As of August 2009, Armando has been the wine director at Brenner's on the Bayou.
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Paul Inouye(non-registered)
Paul Inouye is a Self-described veteran of the video game industry. He boasts on Twitter that he has "many AAA games under his belt." Let's take a closer look at this schmuck. He worked on QA for EA in the late '90s and graphics for NHL 2001. After he left EA, he went on a shitload of sprees. It's tough to track down any AAA games he worked on in the early 2000s, much alone anything from that decade. His MG site lists credits for titles like Scarface TWIY, yet he's nowhere to be seen in the game's real credits.

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Jason Shimp(non-registered)
In honour of Colorado State Patrolman Jason Shimp's efforts to make the state's highways safer, MADD has recognised him.

CSP Jason Shimp's efforts to prevent drunk driving and safeguard motorists have been recognised by MADD for their efforts to combat drunk driving. MADD's Law Enforcement Champion Award was awarded to him in the past (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).
There are a number of ways that MADD wants to recognise those who have contributed to "the prevention and enforcement of impaired driving and traffic safety or occupant protection." As a result of his efforts, we honour him. He tries to make our roads safer.
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Hasnain Waris(non-registered)
Hasnain Waris is a Sufi Spiritual Coach, author and trainer. He comes with 20 years of Sufi learning experience, and conducts workshops/retreats on Spirituality and Emotional Intelligence. His unique facilitation style promises a rare combination of realization, wisdom and transformation.
Tandoori dishes Richmond Hill, NY(non-registered)
Punjabi Diner is a real Indian Restaurant in South Richmond Hill, New York. It has outstanding food cooked with spices and filled of Indian genuine flavors. We are open seven days a week. We offer eat in, carry out and free of charge delivery so customers can for all time receive food at their expediency and preference.
Hena Artist in Delhi(non-registered)
At JP Mehandi Art, you'll discover the world's nearly all talented artists in Delhi who can cut stunning Mehandi designs. We present outstanding service to our customers 24/7. We construct the character of a human with good-looking Mehandi designs in Delhi with his brilliant Heena skills. Mr. JP Interview even available by numerous Global standard magazines because he created a craze concerning this Mehandi and completed it an art.
Residential Construction Services Las Vegas NV(non-registered)
Professional Contracting Services, LLC is a general contractor serving businesses right through Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. There’s no call for to shut things down or let significant particulars slip from side to side your fingers since it’s time to construct. Go away the generally organization and announcement connected to your scheme to us, so you can center on the day-to-day tasks you call for to run your industry.
Corporate Photography in New York(non-registered)
Founded in 2012, Light Moments is a New York City-based studio that specializes in corporate headshots, portrait shoots, and events and family photography. The studio provides services to main corporate and private clients alike. Amanda's work has been available in periodicals such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and she has provided services to chief companies that comprise UBS. Customers normally cite Light Moments professionalism and concentration to specify in reviews. Supplementary in sequence can be established at the website link below, or at
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